1. You Rant. And what a wonderful job you do! Anyway, you voiced my EXACT concern on Project Runway.

    Love this post. Love it! Next time around, I insist on being born RICH and TALENTLESS.

  2. This post is so good I want to see it be walked down the aisle before marrying it - or you - for that matter.

    Loves it...

  3. perez hilton has a line?? haha i love ur post simply because it keeps me updated with alot of things.. :):):)

    the hills.. i was just a convert. lauren is making me want to buy a chanel so baaad! i dont know...

    maybe because when ure RICH, u have all the resources u need to start a line, talented or not.. if it works, good. if not, then its just another penny, who cares? haha and if i was that rich and famous, i might start my one line as well.. :):):)

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