1. oh, i do like the ring to it.. "Kingdom of Geeks" ; ahaha.

    I agree, that first dress waas ugly but the second one (flower looking one) i thought was really beautiful!! & then i liked Katie's dress. a lot.

    Btw, what event is this?? Superhero Gala? as in the TV show (Heroes)? What is it supporting?

    Besides dramas, I'm a crazy Ugly Betty, Heroes, & Scrubs fan. I think thats about it; sometimes I watch Office & Pushing Daises is still on?? I haven't seen it because of the strike.. Yeah, thats about the only shows I enjoy watching. Sometimes gossip girl but that's on & off love from me.

    OMG, the winner of the last season of Project Runway was on Ugly Betty! like 2 thursdays ago. I haven't watched it but I did get to record it. But yeah, I just love that show.

    You know you love me,

    (from gg as well [;)

  2. wow, Katie holmes actually looks good in that color....

    i hate looking at gorgeous gowns! i like to imagine the ones i'd wear if i was rich and famous....sigh...

  3. Karen Elson does look good.

  4. Sounds like you didnt get too much enjoyment out of this years dresses. I figured if the theme meant nothing to them I would simply search for the prettiest frock - ricci was my stand out. xf

  5. I think I would have gone as a villian myself--villians always had more fun than heros.

  6. oh christina ricci in the dress is to die for???

    how does she do it? she's looking fab each time!